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How to Achieve a Glow with Highlighter Makeup

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Highlighter makeup is enjoying immense popularity these days, and it’s no surprise given the gorgeous and brightened glow it can give you. Adding highlighter to your daily beauty regime can really help give your skin that extra sparkle, but if you’re new to this game, it can be a bit daunting. However, fear not, as we’ve rounded up some top tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect glow with highlighter makeup.

1. Find the Right Shade – The first step to achieving a natural looking glow with highlighter makeup is selecting the right shade. Different skin tones require different shades of highlighter makeup. Highlighters with cool undertones work well for fair to light skin tones, while highlighters with warm undertones work best for medium to dark skin tones. Once you have the right shade, you’re off to an excellent start.

2. Apply to Your Cheeks – To achieve a natural-looking glow with highlighter makeup, start by applying it to your cheekbones. Use a fan brush or slanted brush for best results and blend upwards.

3. Apply to Your Nose – Highlighter makeup can be applied to your nose’s tip for a more lifted appearance. Use a small blending brush to apply it to the tip of your nose or towards the middle of the bridge.

4. Apply to Your Cupid’s Bow – Applying highlighter makeup to your cupid’s bow, the dip at the top of your lips, can add a lift to your lips and an overall youthful appearance. Use your finger to gently tap some highlighter to the area.

5. Use A Little Amount – It’s important to not go overboard when using highlighter makeup. A little goes a long way and can easily go from natural to overdone in seconds. It’s better to start small and build-up to achieve the desired effect.

6. Blend – To achieve a more natural look, make sure to blend the highlighter makeup into your skin. Use a damp makeup sponge or blending brush to really make the highlighter look like a natural part of your skin.

7. Apply Under Foundation – For a more subtle effect, apply your highlighter makeup under your foundation. It will still give you that lovely glow but will not be as pronounced as it would be if applied over the foundation.

8. Use Liquid Highlighter – Liquid highlighters can help give you a dewy and natural glow. When using it, make sure to shake well and then add a drop to your foundation, moisturizer, or primer.

In conclusion, highlighter makeup helps make your skin glow in all the right places while also highlighting your best features. With the right tools, techniques, and blending, it’s easy to achieve a natural-looking glow with highlighter makeup. So, take these tips and practice to see what works best for you, and before long, you’ll have that sought-after and stunning glow.

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